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Belarusian agricultural machinery producer Gomselmash busy testing new products


GOMEL(BelTA) – The harvester R&D center of the Belarusian agricultural machinery manufacturer OAO Gomselmash tested about 20 samples of new products in 2019, BelTA has learned.
The company offers new products every year. The products are made possible thanks to efforts of Gomselmash's harvester R&D center. The product list includes harvesters, power units, and harvester cutter bars. For instance, the division has finished testing the rotary grain harvester KZS-1119R, which will soon be added to the lineup of Gomselmash products.
The first commercial batch of KZS-3219KR harvesters has been made. The company now batch produces KZS-1624 semicrawler harvesters. Engines made by Russian YaMZ with the output capacity of 450hp and 530hp have been tested as well as a new modification of the forage harvester KVK-800. The company has been working on the new modification for three years. An experimental batch of them will be made soon. In addition to evaluating reliability and fuel economy the company is working on optimal ways of coupling the YaMZ engine with systems and dimensions of the Belarusian harvester.
Gomselmash teamed up with engineers of Russian GAZ Group to work on the half-track harvester KZS-1624. “We are also mastering the use of in-line engines in our forage harvesters and grain harvesters. As for the KZS vehicle family, we opted for Cummins engines, which boast a lower environmental footprint and a lighter weight. In the future such engines will be installed in several modifications of grain harvesters, including KZS-1624,” the company's press service said.
Thanks to constant efforts to improve the physical infrastructure of the company's R&D division and thanks to eagerness to embrace new technologies Gomselmash can easily keep high its production standards. For instance, one of the novelties introduced lately allows the company to send model blueprints directly from the product engineer to the experimental manufacturing division. Special modelling and design software allows testing future harvesters in the virtual world, allows testing grain loading and unloading as well as other processes. A mobile measuring machine has been installed to measure parameters of an assembled harvester with a high degree of precision and adjust assembly gear if necessary.
The Belarusian holding company Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machines. It is one of the leaders on the world market of harvesters and other sophisticated agricultural machines. The company uses the Palesse trademark to market lineups of grain and forage harvesters, ear corn harvesters, potato harvesters, mowers, and other agricultural machines. Palesse harvesters are used in fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea, Baltic states, and other countries. Gomselmash operates an extensive distribution chain, joint ventures, and assembly enterprises.